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Cops Arrest Family 2 Times in 2 Days for Loitering in their own Front Yard

Pennsylvania police arrested the same family 2 times in 2 days for loitering in front of their own home.

The first arrest occurred on October 1 when officers from the Chester Township police arrested a group of young men who were playing in their front yard with their nephews.

The next day police from the same police department returned to the residence and arrested more family members for loitering. The family had gathered outside to greet the young men who were arrested the day before for the same reason.

According to the arrest affidavit obtained by Fox 29, the police department claimed the family cursed at them and one of the men kicked a window of a cop car the day of the second arrests.

Cellphone video from the arrest shows police pulling one of the men, Ramir Briggs, off his family’s porch and throwing him to the ground.

The Briggs family said there are no “no loitering” signs posted in their neighborhood so they naturally assumed they would be allowed to congregate in their front yard. They have hired an attorney and plan to sue the Chester Township Police Department.



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