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South Florida Cops Pull Man Out of Car And Break His Leg After He Curses At Them

Bodycam footage shows the moment a man’s leg is broken when he is pulled from his car and slammed to the ground by a South Florida police officer.

31-year-old Craig Nembhard say she was heading home on May 16 when police told him to pull into a gas station. The police stated that they were doing a “traffic enforcement detail” by stopping cars that were driving straight in a lane that was meant for making turns. 

Nembhard says the cops gave him a ticket but one of the officers didn’t think he was leaving fast enough after he was given his ticket.

“[The officer] walks up to the car, tells me get the [expletive] out of here,” he recalled during an interview with NBC 6 three months after the incident. “Then, being upset and confused as to why he’s acting like that, I started to swear back at him.”

Police body cameras captured the heated exchange between Nembhard and Officer Travis Cooper.

After they exchanged words, Nembhard said he drove off toward the other side of the gas station looking for an open gas pump, but the only one he says he saw available was back near where officers were ticketing other drivers. He says thats when Officer Cooper spotted him returning.

“As I am coming back the direction, all I hear was, ‘Oh you tried to sneak up on me and run me over,'” Nembhard said. “I looked to the right and he’s in the passenger’s side with his gun already drawn.”

The body cam video shows Cooper and other unidentified officers with their weapons pointed at Nembhard’s car.

“You tried to run me over,” Cooper tells him.

Then, the video shows Cooper pulling Nembhard out of the car and throwing him to the ground. Nembhard screams that his leg has been broken.

A Doral Police spokesperson says the department is now investigating the incident after getting the notice that the man injured in the incident plans to sue.

Nembhard was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. He says he spent five days in the hospital, where he had to have surgery to put a rod in his leg.

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