Mom Trying To Get Son Out Of Jail Is Tased And Robbed For $30,000 In Bail Money As Correction Officers Look On

Desperate to free her son from a Manhattan jail, 66-year-old Linda Shapiro put $30,000 in cash in a bag and took it down to the Manhattan Detention Center on White Street to bail him out. 

She was told she needed to pay the cash bail in order to prevent her son from being transferred to Rikers Island but when she arrived at the center, correction employees forced her to wait for hours. Linda said she clutched her bag full of money for 7 hours as she waited in the small bail office. 

“I said, ‘Please help me. I’m holding all this money,’” Shapiro said. “I would stay there, wait, but could they please take the cash and I’ll stand do the paperwork,” Linda said.

According to Linda, the Department of Correction workers refused, allegedly even suggesting that she go shopping to pass the time. 

“There must have been 15 people taken care of immediately, but there I was standing,” Linda said.

According to police, around 7 p.m., two men walked in and tased Linda and stole her purse full of the cash, which one of them is seen on video holding. Linda believes correction employees set her up.

“He grabbed me and he started shaking me and slamming me against the wall,” Shapiro said.

The NYPD says the criminal investigation is ongoing, and wouldn’t confirm whether correction employees were interviewed.

Linda is suing the city and the Department of Correction her attorney, Gerard Bilotto, says for the past three years the city has stonewalled.

“There’s no reason I can’t get information — who the supervisors were, where the supervisors located,” Bilotto said.

Video of the assault, which he says he initially viewed, was handed to him in piecemeal.

The parties will be back in court in November.

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