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Cops Drive Disabled Veteran 100 Miles to Doctor Instead of Arresting Him For Hitchhiking

Gerald Baldwin is a disabled veteran who has no car or means of transportation but needed to get to his doctor’s appointment nearly 100 miles away. Having no one that could take him to the appointment, he grabbed his oxygen tank and started his way down the highway.

When a Walker Country Sheriff’s Officer Deputy spotted Baldwin trying to hitchhike, he could have ticketed the man for hitchhiking but instead he decided to help him get to his appointment.

When the deputies found out that Baldwin had cancer and was hitchhiking to get to his doctor’s office that was located about 100 miles away, multiple departments came together to help get him to get to his appointment. They didn’t just bring him there, however, they brought him back home too. 

Baldwin had to stay overnight to see the doctor and the deputies made all the arrangements to bring him back home after his visit.

The good deed of the deputies did not go unnoticed either, and according to WAFF, a woman in Oklahoma sent the Facebook post to a man named Lance Baldwin, living in Pennsylvania.

Baldwin realized the man in the photo was his father who he hadn’t talked to in more than five years, according to the news outlet.

“I couldn’t bring myself to message him. It’s just a lot of bad blood between us,” Lance Baldwin said. “But I knew his health was declining. He had cancer surgery the last time we spoke. I should have been there more.”

He said, “I’ve read that post probably a dozen times over and over again. I still can’t believe that they went as far as they did to get him to where he needed to be, then to do it again in reverse to take him back home.”

The son added, “I’m not a religious person, but somebody was up there watching.”

Because these deputies chose to help a random man hitchhiking instead of arresting him, a father and son who haven’t spoken in years are being reunited. Lance Baldwin told the news outlet that this act has inspired him to reach out to his dad.

“Even more now, after seeing that post and seeing him, I will probably do that here this weekend, is reach out to him,” he said. “He’s a tough old man…He’s always been my superman.”

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