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Cops Do ‘Drive-By Tasing’ On Innocent Man Then Lie To Cover It Up

In July of 2017, Kedric Kizzie was visiting his family in Willis, Texas when an argument started. The argument escalated and police were called to the residence. What took place after officer’s Kenneth Elmore and John McCaffery arrived in response to the disturbance call would lead to them losing their jobs and being convicted felons serving time behind bars.

Authorities say the two officers wrongfully used a stun gun to shock Kizzie, charged Kizzie with a crime he didn’t commit and then lied to cover up their illegal conduct. The entire incident was recorded on video, but Elmore and McCaffery lied to the district attorney’s office, and also on the arrest, incident, and use of force reports.

The police officers can be heard in the video planning a drive-by tasing. Targeting a man who was never even told he was under arrest and had a legal right to be on the street.

Both McCaffery and Elmore have been convicted of tampering with a government record, for falsifying police reports about the incident. They were sentenced to a year behind bars and cannot be police officers again in Texas.

The criminal case against Kizzie was dropped.

Kizzie is now suing the city and the officers in federal court, claiming they violated his civil rights.

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