Cops Tase Man 3 Times For Jay Walking

John Efford was on his way to a job interview when he was approached by two Gwinnett County police officers who accused him of jaywalking. The encounter would end with Efford being tased 3 times by police, arrested and charged with two counts of obstruction and improper crossing a roadway.

Police claim Efford refused verbal commands and physically resisted.

The incident occurred in March when the officers ticket Efford for jaywalking. Efford says after receiving the citation he left and a couple of minutes later the same officers approached him again saying he had jaywalked again. He says the officers refused to answer his questions and started tasing him.

“I was terrified,” Efford told WSBTV.

According to a use of force report police sent to WSBTV, the police believe the level of force used was within policy. It said Efford refused to follow verbal commands and physically resisted. Also in the use of force report, a major said officer Charles Bynum was counseled on the importance of advising suspects they are under arrest.

Another major said the officer’s version of what happened and the video were not consistent. Still, it said the use of force was within policy.

An officer’s body cam video recorded the incident.

“Hands behind your back now! Cuff him. You’re going to get Tased again,” an officer is heard on video.

Once officers arrested Efford, he asked what did do.           

“You jaywalked again right in front of us. Again, bro,” the officer said.            

“Y’all doing all that over jaywalking?” Efford responded.            

Efford said the officers used excessive force and he said it was unlawful arrest.           

“This video is a classic case of police brutality,” said his attorney, Jackie Patterson.        

Patterson said officers terrorized his client for no reason.

“All you had to do was write him a ticket and let him go,” Patterson said.           

Patterson said the charges were dropped after prosecutors saw the video.           

Efford is not letting this go.               

“I want them to lose their jobs,” Efford said.                       

Efford said he plans to file a lawsuit.

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