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LAPD Cop Under Investigation After he Is Caught Fondling a Dead Woman’s Breasts By His Own Body Cam

A Los Angeles police officer is under investigation after his body-camera showed him allegedly fondling a deceased woman’s breasts.

According to LAPD officials, the officer was placed on leave after his supervisors reviewed the footage during a random inspection. 

The incident occurred when the officer and his partner responded to a call about a possible dead woman in a residential unit. After the two officers determined the woman was deceased, one of the officers returned to the patrol car to retrieve something. According to officials, it was at this time that the accused officers turned of his body-worn camera and allegedly fondled the woman’s breasts. 

Even though the officer had turned the camera off, there is a two-minute buffer on the device that captured the incident. 

“We immediately launched an administrative investigation once we learned about the incident,” chief spokesman Josh Rubenstein said.

Assistant Chief Robert Arcos called the recording “very disturbing.”

The Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union that represents rank-and-file cops, called the allegations troubling.

“If this allegation is true, then the behavior exhibited by this officer is not only wrong, but extremely disturbing, and does not align with the values we, as police officers, hold dear, and these values include respect and reverence for the deceased,” the board of directors said in a statement. “This behavior has no place in law enforcement.”

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