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Screaming, Bloodied Woman Rescued From Van With Cage & Chains After Kidnapping Suspect Beats Her With Tire Iron

A California man has been taken into custody after police say he kidnapped a woman in Brookside at knifepoint, assaulted her with a tire iron, led police in a chase and held the victim hostage at knifepoint during a standoff.

Sean E. Sanders was charged with Kidnapping 1st Degree and Attempted Murder.

According to Brookside Police Chief Mike Jones, it was a witness who called police to report the kidnapping that likely saved the victim’s life.

Officials say the witness called 911 and reported seeing a man trying to drag a woman into a wooded area. When the suspect noticed the witness, he forced the woman into his van and sped off. The witness followed the van and continued to update the police on the suspect’s location.

“The witness who originally reported the kidnapping, that man did a great job,” Chief Jones said.

When Brookside patrol units spotted the van and attempted to stop it, the suspect fled leading police on a chase.

When additional units responded and blocked the vehicle in, officers saw a female bleeding from her head being forced onto the floorboard of the van by the suspect. The suspect then drove into a police car, breaking through the barrier and continued to flee the scene.

Police say the suspect tried to run over a Brookside officer before they were able to barricade the suspect again and set up a perimeter.

According to police, the suspect then barricaded the rear of the van and held the victim hostage at knifepoint.

Chief Jones said, “She was lying on top of him. He had a knife to her throat. Were able to safely taze him as she struggled to get away. The officers and deputies rescued her from the rear of the vehicle.”

The suspect pleaded with the officers to kill him as they tried to negotiate.

Tactical units were eventually able to enter the vehicle, rescue the victim and take the suspect into custody.

The suspect was identified as Sean E. Sanders of Los Angeles. Police say the suspect has an extensive criminal history involving assault and kidnapping.

Police say Sanders’ van had a cage in the back of the vehicle, wire cages over the windows, a blanket covering the back window and chains locking the back doors from the inside.

The victim was transported to the hospital in stable condition.

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