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Cops Repeatedly Taser 70-Year-Old Woman In Her Home After She Asked For Warrant

After a 70-year-old woman in Florida refused to let police in her house she was shot with a taser three times and arrested.

It was Barbara Pinkney’s 70th birthday when police arrived at the door of her home to serve an arrest warrant to her grandson. According to their documents Barbara’s grandson, Tevin Turner, lived at this residence and was wanted on a probation violation for carrying a concealed weapon.

She would later tell WFLA of Tampa that he did not live there, he had just used her address while on probation.

Barbara said she was scared when authorities began pounding on her door early Thursday.

“I was just hollering,” she told the station. “I didn’t know what else to do.”

Pinkney demanded a search warrant, however, an officer said that was unnecessary because authorities had already obtained an arrest warrant. When an officer warned her that she could be arrested if Turner was inside, she still refused to open the door.

According to the affidavit, a struggle began after Barbera tried to shut her door on an officer who was trying to force his way into her home. She tried to shut the door but the officer grabbed her wrist and told her she was going to jail.

The encounter was captured on cellphone video recorded by Barbara’s daughter-in-law.

According to the affidavit, an officer fired his taser after she pushed him in the chest. He struck her once with the stun gun in the left arm with no effect, then again in the back.

The officer then “took her to the ground,” the document says, adding that she continued to resist placing her hands behind her back.

The officer struck her again with the stun gun, this time in the upper back. The weapon again had no effect, so he “secured” her with his knee until another officer could handcuff her.

After searching the home, police did not find Turner, although the affidavit suggests that he could have escaped out the back during the “chaos” at the front door.

The sheriff’s office declined to provide additional comment.

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