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Police Officer With Charged Raping Woman at Police Station And Exposing Her to HIV

A former Maryland police officer is facing new charges after it was determined that he was HIV positive when he allegedly forced a woman to have sex with him at a police station following a traffic stop.

Martique Vanderpool, 30, of Capitol Heights, Md., was indicted on 11 counts on Tuesday. His charges include first-degree rape, reckless endangerment, misconduct in office and knowingly attempting to expose someone to HIV. Authorities declined to say whether the victim contracted HIV.

Vanderpool was previously arrested in December for the September incident, however, he was released on bond. According to court records, he was arrested again Wednesday and was held without bond.

Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski said the allegations were troubling and asked the public to report any other incidents involving Vanderpool. 

“This conduct creates . . . concerns that we may have other people that have been impacted, whether as victims of crime or relationships with the individual in question,” Stawinski said at a news conference Wednesday.

According to Stawinski, no additional victims have yet come forward.

Stawinski said detectives uncovered the fact that Vanderpool was HIV positive during the course of the investigation, but he declined to say how, as the case is pending.

According to charging documents, the initial incident occurred around 11:20 p.m. on September 6 when Vanderpool allegedly stopped the woman for speeding in Capitol Heights. 

According to police, Vanderpool allegedly asked the woman to get out of the car because she did not have her driver’s license. The woman became upset, and Vanderpool told her he was going to have her car impounded, charging documents say.

According to charging documents, a second officer cuffed the woman while Vanderpool called a towing company. At some point, Vanderpool noticed condoms in the armrest of the woman’s car and asked her if she was a prostitute.

After the car was towed, Vanderpool took the woman back to the Fairmount Heights police station. 

Vanderpool asked the woman, “So what are we going to do about this.” He then told her to have sex with him or be arrested and go to jail, according to the charging documents.

The woman stated that she agreed because she feared for her safety and was unable to leave the police station, charging documents state. Afterward, Vanderpool wrote up citations for the woman, leaving her “confused and crying,” the documents allege.

The woman got her car back from the towing company and left.

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