Gov. Cuomo Shock To Find That Most New Coronavirus Hospitalizations Are People Who Had Been Staying Home

The governor of New York said he was shocked to find that most of the new cases of Covid-19 in the state are from people who were staying home and not venturing outside much.

According to Governor Cuomo, the preliminary data released on Wednesday came from 100 New York hospitals involving about 1,000 patients.

It shows that 66% of new admissions were from people who had largely been sheltering at home. The next highest source of admissions was from nursing homes, 18%. 

“If you notice, 18% of the people came from nursing homes, less than 1% came from jail or prison, 2% came from the homeless population, 2% from other congregate facilities, but 66% of the people were at home, which is shocking to us,” Cuomo said.

“This is a surprise: Overwhelmingly, the people were at home,” he added. “We thought maybe they were taking public transportation, and we’ve taken special precautions on public transportation, but actually no, because these people were literally at home.”

According to the data, nearly 84% of the hospitalized cases were people who were not commuting to work through car services, personal cares, public transportation or walking. The majority of people hospitalized with COVID-19 were either retired or unemployed. Also, 73% of the admissions were people over the age of 51.

Cuomo also sited data that showed the majority of hospitalizations are coming from the downstate area in or around New York City and are people not working or traveling and are not essential employees. Her also noted that a majority of the cases in New York City are minorities, with nearly half being Africa American or Hispanic.  

Cuomo said state health officials had thought a high percentage of people who were hospitalized would be essential employees, like health-care workers or city staff, who are still going to work. 

“Much of this comes down to what you do to protect yourself. Everything is closed down, government has done everything it could, society has done everything it could. Now it’s up to you,” Cuomo said. 

Cuomo said the state’s hospitalization rate has continued to decline, although at a “painfully slow” rate. He said around 600 infected people were still walking through hospital doors every day, although that number has also declined. 

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