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Police Release Full Body Cam Footage of LAPD Cop Who Repeatedly Punched Surrendering Man

Earlier this month a disturbing video that showed LAPD officer Frank A. Hernandez repeatedly punching Richard Castillo who appeared to be surrendering gain heavy exposure.

The LAPD released the full body camera video of the encounter Tuesday.

Chief Michel Moore directed the release of the footage and told the LA Police Commission Tuesday he didn’t expect the body camera recordings to change minds about what last week’s cellphone video showed.

“I, along with many of you, watched the third party video that was released last week, and I have serious concerns,” Moore said Tuesday. “Any use of force, justified or not, is difficult to watch. However, this one is disturbing.”

“This incident is deeply disturbing. I don’t believe what’s shown here will change the description of (this incident) by me or others,” Moore said.



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