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Cop Arrested After Video Shows Him Kick Handcuffed Man in the Head

The city of Monroe, Louisiana released bodycam footage of Monroe police officers allegedly using excessive force in the arrest of 40-year-old Timothy Williams.

The arrest happened on April 21 when officers confronted Williams in response to an alarm call. According to the arrest report, police said he displayed a fake gun.

Williams said he was afraid, and ran from police while being searched. He said he later surrendered, putting his hands in the air and laying on his stomach. Williams said he was handcuffed and beaten by at least two officers.

One of the officers involved in Williams’ arrest, Jared Preston DeSadier, 42, was arrested last month on two felony charges, including malfeasance in office and second-degree battery. DeSadier has since resigned from the department.

In a body cam video recently released by the city, Williams can be seen handcuffed laying face down on his stomach when DeSadier runs up and kicks him in the face.

According to the arrest report, after the arrest, Williams was transported to a local hospital for treatment of “lacerations he suffered while trying to evade capture.” The arrest report did not indicate whether officers kicked, slammed or harmed Williams while in handcuffs, as alleged by Williams through his attorneys.

According to the city, the department’s investigation of the incident is ongoing the city also asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to conduct an investigation of Williams’ police brutality complaint as well.

“Today’s release of the body cam footage of the incident is one of several steps we intend to take to ensure transparency during this process and to maintain public confidence in the City’s commitment to ensure that all citizens are treated equally,” said Ellis. “The citizens of Monroe expect the highest degree of professionalism from all our employees, including police officers, and we will continue to work to make sure that we meet those expectations.”

Protesters outside Monroe City Hall on Thursday yelled chants of “Justice for Timothy” while listening to remarks from local elected officials about the matter.

In a statement sent after the protest, City Council member Doug Harvey said he was saddened to see the body cam footage.

“Our officers have a sworn duty to serve and protect the members of the community, and incidents like this do not have a place here,” Harvey said. “I am confident that justice will be served once the full investigation is complete. I want to commend the administration of Mayor Ellis and their commitment to transparency and accountability.

“As someone who has friends and family who have served and some ultimately sacrificed their lives as law enforcement officers, I know that the actions of one do not represent the actions of all. We will pray for justice and healing for all of those impacted by this event.”

The city of Monroe, Louisiana released bodycam footage of Monroe police officers allegedly using excessive force in the…

Posted by Comm Watchers 2.0 on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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