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Cop Gets Only 14 Days in Jail After Sexually Assaulting a Minor During Traffic Stop

HONOLULU, Hawaii – A former Honolulu police officer was sentenced to only 14 days in jail for sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl during a traffic stop.

Kramer Aoki, 41, was sentenced by Circuit Judge Kevin Souza in the fourth-degree sexual assault case. He was granted a deferral of a no-contest plea, a special type of plea which allows a defendant to plead guilty or no contest, yet keep his record clear of a criminal conviction.

Aoki pleaded no contest to a charge of 4th degree sex assault, and was sentenced to two weeks in prison.

If Aoki complies with the terms of the deferral and doesn’t commit any crimes for one year, the conviction will be cleared off his record and he will stay off the sex offender registry.

Prosecutors say the former police officer was on patrol on September 6, 2014 when he pulled over a 17-year-old female driver for speeding.

Aoki, then 35-years-old, was accused of placing his hand on the girl’s breast after she asked him to not give her a ticket. He did not write her a ticket, and let her go with a warning.

He was fired from HPD in 2015.

Aoki was indicted on a Class C felony, which is punishable by up to five years in prison.

The indictment said that as a law enforcement officer, Aoki knowingly subjected a person in custody to sexual contact.

The victim’s family requested that Aoki be sentenced to one year, and that he register as a sex offender.

Her  mother spoke before sentencing, saying the drawn-out case was a test of their endurance.

“He also got a lot of time where six years has gone by, but I believe that was a tactic to see if our family would falter and give up but we stood strong and stood behind her,” the victim’s mother said in court.

He’s set to serve his 14-day sentence in January.

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